Welcome to Kyiv

So you decided to visit after all… excellent !

Chances are, you will be landing at Kyiv Boryspil Airport (KBP) and if you are coming from somewhere other than Europe, it is almost guaranteed. Boryspil is the largest and most active airport in Ukraine and the only one that handles intercontinental flights. It is located approximately 30 km outside the city.  You can check it out here .. Kyiv Boryspil .. The cheapest way to get from Boryspil to the city is the Skybus. 40 UAH and a comfortable, although not always quick, ride and you will find yourself at the main train station and the Bokzalna metro stop. 

Metro stop at main train station in Kyiv.

Metro stop at main train station in Kyiv.

This is also where you will arrive if you come by train.   After your arrival here, you will be able to go almost anywhere in the city, by metro. The subway system here is convenient, efficient, and inexpensive.  It can be a crowded, especially at peak times, but the trains run every 2 to 5 minutes and only cost 2 uah.  There are also marshrutkas (mini-buses), trams and trolleys for transportation around town.. also efficient and inexpensive.  You can find an interactive map at this site … Transportation Map . A good map for the metro system in Kyiv can be found here … Kyiv Metro Map . This map may very well become your best friend for your adventure in Kyiv.

Some of you will land at International Airport Kyiv, commonly referred to as Zhulyany Airport.  It is located in Kyiv and only a short marshrutka ride from Bokzalna as well. Their site is located here —>  Zhulyany Airport .  I would give instructions about getting to and from this airport, but honestly, the website does a much better job with timetables and routes.

There are also 3 major bus stations in Kyiv.  They offer routes that include all of Ukraine, as well as international destinations. They are also located close to metro stops. The main station at Moskovska Square is a 3 minute walk from Demiivska metro station and the other 2, Pivdenna Bus Station (southwestern routes) and Vydubychi Bus Station (southern routes) are at the Ipodrom metro station.  I am including the Wikipedia link here because the bus station websites are all written in the Russian and Ukrainian languages. Bus Station has alot of useful information.

As I mentioned before, the main train station is located at Bokzalna metro station. Traveling by train in Ukraine is an interesting experience that will definitely be remembered. Unless you are coming from Poland or one of the other neighboring countries, this is not the easiest way to get here but for traveling around the country, it can be interesting and inexpensive.  I use the “night trains” frequently and would recommend it for at least one trip.  You can find more information here … Kyiv Train Station .

Now that you are here … get settled in, rest a bit.. and then, we’ll take a walk and explore what this wonderful city has to offer.Apartment complex

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