Black and White in Tbilisi, Georgia

The depth of texture and form in the buildings in Tbilisi, Georgia make shooting in black and white a real pleasure….

Arch Tbilisi


and there are so many subjects and types to choose from…



But isn’t that always the case?

With Steps

I hope it always is..

Happy Travels!

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Just North of Tbilisi

About 20 km north of Tbilisi, hidden in a valley, is the town of Mtskheta …. 



The small town was once the seat of government for Georgia and, now, most of its monuments and cathedrals are part of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

The most famous (and hardest to get to) is the Dschwari (or Jvari) Monastery. It is located on a rocky mountain top overlooking the city below. The name is translated as Monastery of the Cross.

Dschwari Monastery (1) Dschwari Monastery (4) Dschwari Monastery Mountain Dschwari Monastery Wide

In the historical center of town there is another well-known cathedral…

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

This cathedral is known as the burial place for Christ’s mantle, and is the main Georgian church and one of the most venerated places of worship in the country.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (1) Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (2) Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (3) Svetitskhoveli Cathedral Entrance


The Samtawro Church is best known as the burial place of the famous Georgian monk –Gabriel. 

Samtawro Church (1) _DSC0706


This interesting and old city (one of the oldest continuously populated cities in the world) is easily reached from Tbilisi by public transportation..  Buses run frequently and are very inexpensive..usually from 4 to 7 leira  each way.  Or you can hire a driver for the day. It will cost from 100-125 leira for the whole day, but is well worth because it makes it easy to get to the mountain top and the Dschwari Monastery..

Happy Travels!

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Tbilisi – A Door Lover’s Paradise

We recently returned from Tbilisi, Georgia and I have to say…What a wonderful place to visit. and shoot… especially for door lover’s like me..In Relief

Water and Electric


Worn Blue Church Door Barred


Tbilisi is located along the banks of the Mtkvari river and filled with winding, narrow streets and hidden stairways..and a treasure trove of doors to shoot…

18 Makawbili Tbilisi 4 Outside Broom




Doors are among my favorite subjects… and they don’t mind posing…

Aged 5 Niagvarska


Happy Travels!

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Photographs from Split



A wonderful city to visit… even better to shoot..  The weather was crisp and pleasant…

Looking Up


The streets not overly crowded… In fact, some places were practically deserted..

Hidden Stairs


341 Steps- Split

Arched Tunnel with Bench -Bleached

Waiting For



Maybe the time of year had something to do with that… New Year’s Day in Split, Croatia..

Above the Coffeehouse


A great start to the year

Happy Travels!

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Arches and Walkways – Dubrovnik, Croatia

That was one of the great things about Dubrovnik.. All the little passageways everywhere.  Arches and cobblestone side streets were a photographers dream..

As everyone who knows me knows.. I don’t really shoot the major landmarks much..Well, not to post anyway… There are plenty of those pictures out there already. I prefer a laid back and back alley approach to a city.. But there are exceptions..  Coming soon

_DSC9576 _DSC9663 _DSC9705 _DSC9723


Happy Travels!

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Photo of the Day – Dubrovnik, Croatia

During the Christmas holidays, I had the opportunity to spend 6 days in a whirlwind tour of Croatia..  Here is the first shot of some daily photos of that trip…_DSC9789_panorama


This was the view across Gruz Harbor from our room in The Berkley Hotel. A wonderful place with a great staff …

Happy Travels!

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A Vacation from …

As most of my followers and avid readers have noticed, I have not posted anything in a little over a month.  I decided, in January, that it would be a good idea to take a break..

From everything.

No posts … no trips … not even any photos..

And yes, it was difficult. The trips part especially.  I am used to taking a 4 or 5 day trip every month. And when I see a possibility on either Facebook or one of the blogs I follow, I just wanted to look at tickets and hotels and things to do…I even went on  TWICE!

But I resisted the temptation and held firm .

Resist … Relax .. Recharge ..

I spent the last month preparing for a couple of things…

#1. My contract in Kyiv, Ukraine is finished in June, so it was time to start looking for the next place..  Hopefully I will be in Moscow this summer to start a new contract. It would be a great job because Moscow is an awesome city for photographers and tourists … plus St.Petersburg, Volvograd..the trans-Siberian railway.. mmmm.. fascinating. So fingers are crossed…

#2. It was time to clean and repair camera equipment.. the past few trips I have taken have been horrible weather-wise.. rain, snow, cold…all very detrimental to a camera’s health and well being..  The next trip (Munich – in a week) will be more of the same, I think so … better safe than sorry..

But mostly, I took the month off just to reflect on the experiences of the past year.. A lot of cities and a lot of countries.  The experience of meeting new people and delving into a new culture every month is an eye-opener.  You realize that no matter how different we all are, we are also very much the same. People all over the world have the same hopes, the same dreams and the same fears as you do.. It doesn’t matter what religion you practice.. It doesn’t matter what language you speak.. We are all afloat in this vast sea of humanity and we will all, TOGETHER, sink …or swim.

So.. I am back.. Here’s a teaser for the next post..

Split- Along the Waterfront

Great trip.. especially once the weather cooperated – On the last day

Happy Travels!

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