Photographs from Split



A wonderful city to visit… even better to shoot..  The weather was crisp and pleasant…

Looking Up


The streets not overly crowded… In fact, some places were practically deserted..

Hidden Stairs


341 Steps- Split

Arched Tunnel with Bench -Bleached

Waiting For



Maybe the time of year had something to do with that… New Year’s Day in Split, Croatia..

Above the Coffeehouse


A great start to the year

Happy Travels!

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Canals of Amsterdam

Boats and Cars

Amsterdam…City of canals, boats and bicycles..

Bridges of Bikes



Last week found us strolling along the many canals of this beautiful city.. I honestly do not think I have ever seen so many bikes in my life.. But I came to see the waterways.. the myriad of canal houses..

Houseboats Central Station with Tour Boat Canal with Church


Churches and clock towers adorned the small squares … people and bikes crowed the bridges and sidewalks..

Tourist Info at Central Station Tour to Clock Tower Clock Tower on Canal


The weather was pleasant…the crowds abundant

Handlebars BW


A wonderful city .. definitely worth a dding to your personal bucket list…

Happy Travels!


Stockholm from the Water

DSC_0237Exploring Stockholm by boat is pretty amazing.. Clear views of the  city away from the jumble of people make for a very enjoyable experience.


Cruising through the canals and harbors offer you a chance to see the city from a different perspective.


The clear blue skies and gentle breeze made it a trip to remember and an experience to look forward to  again.



There are tours to suit almost everyone.. If you are looking for a relaxing way to spend an afternoon in Stockholm, highly recommend seeing the city from the water. Here is a link to get you started… City Discovery

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Marseille – Shot of the Day

Harbor in Marseille with Notre Dame

Notre Dame de la Garde sits atop the highest point in the city and, silently, stands guard over the harbor. The easiest, and fastest, way to get up there is by one of the many buses.. but if you decide to walk, it is a long way uphill..  worth it? Definetly..

But prepare yourself and take plenty of water  🙂