2014 Favorites – Cities


15 countries….21 Cities..  Since my New Year’s resolution in January of 2014 was to visit a new country every month, I can happily say “Mission Accomplished”.. But where do those trips rate?  This is difficult because every trip was awesome.. it just so happens that some places ranked higher on the awesomeness scale..

Athens from Acropolis

                                                     Athens from Acropolis

We started off the year going to Greece.. followed by Cyprus, Spain, the Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Latvia / Estonia, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy… Unfortunately Croatia (at the end of the week) will miss this years cut..

This is where it gets difficult..

#1 – Stockholm, Sweden    <— Past Posts from Stockholm

There are a couple reasons I chose Stockholm..

City Hall DSC_0074


The photographic opportunities were amazing.. The city, itself, while being a walking friendly place, has an impressive public transportation system.

DSC_0349 DSC_0162


Stockholm is the definition of New Age technology meets Old World charm..

#2  Barcelona, Spain  <– Past Posts from Barcelona

For me, the difference between Barcelona and Stockholm, as a tourist, is negligible. Good food..good people and a wonderful year-round climate, makes it a great city to visit.

DSC_4013 DSC_4532 DSC_4909


#3  Riga, Latvia   and   Tallinn, Estonia   < —- Past Posts from Riga and Tallinn

What a wonderful trip this was…Able to see two world class UNESCO site filled cities in one 5 day trip.. Needless to say, modern amenities and old world architecture make this an easy choice..


DSC_4430 DSC_4447 DSC_4548



DSC_4568 DSC_5086 DSC_5408


So there are the top 3 from last year…although technically it is 4…

Now the Not Best trip…

Larnaca, Cyprus

To be honest.. it was a good trip. Not one of the best, but a lot of that was my fault for planning a trip in the really really OFF season

DSC_4052 DSC_4085 DSC_4158 DSC_4180


Beautiful scenery..interesting city..but almost no people..and no people meant almost everything was closed for the season.. It was difficult to even find a place to eat..  I will return to Cyprus on another trip..during a different time.. who knows, maybe it will move up the list..

Happy Travels!!

Photography as Art


Shot for the Day – Stockholm


Taking photos at night can be challenging, but also, very rewarding.. especially when you get that starburst effect on the streetlights. It just takes patience and a good tripod..:)  To avoid camera shake, use your camera’s timer or a remote trigger…



One of my favorite night shots from Stockholm… Taken when the sun when down.. about 1 AM

This shot is available as a framed print here at Fine Art America..

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Happy Travels!!


Stockholm from the Water

DSC_0237Exploring Stockholm by boat is pretty amazing.. Clear views of the  city away from the jumble of people make for a very enjoyable experience.


Cruising through the canals and harbors offer you a chance to see the city from a different perspective.


The clear blue skies and gentle breeze made it a trip to remember and an experience to look forward to  again.



There are tours to suit almost everyone.. If you are looking for a relaxing way to spend an afternoon in Stockholm, highly recommend seeing the city from the water. Here is a link to get you started… City Discovery

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Happy Travels !!


5 Things to Consider before you Go Anywhere



5 Things to Consider Before You Go

#1 – Pack for the location and activities..
Nothing says “Hi, I am a tourist ”  like a Hawaiian flowery shirt on Nordic Ice Climbing trip. Sure, it may be an awesome shirt..but is it appropriate?

#2 – Check everything .. then check it again. and again...
Camera batteries? Memory cards? Power adapters? Sunscreen? Passports? Money?  Few things can spoil a perfect 1st day more than discovering an essential item has been left behind.. With that being said, unless you are being dropped by parachute into the Amazonian rainforest, the Congo, the Austrailian outback, or other somewhat secluded locale, don’t worry if you forget the shampoo..or a toothbrush. Most cities around the world have what is called “markets” where you can actually buy such things

#3 – Don’t try to pack EVERYTHING
And while you are packing, don’t pack everything..  If you are taking a trip for a week..pack for a week.. 4days..pack for 4 days.. a weekend..pack for the weekend …you get the idea? While carrying an I-Pad or laptop can ease some of the flight or commuting time, it can be a waste of time as well… do you really need an I-Phone, I-Pad, laptop, GPS?  C’mon..take one.. leave the rest.  And while you are at it..leave the worries, frustrations and cares behind too.

#4 – Plan / Prepare for Airport Security
Remember when going to the airport was fun? Yeah, neither do I… Even before the complex security rules, it was never the awesome experience that we wanted it to be.. Remember the rules..play by them. You can wait until your destination to become the lone wolf party animal you were always meant to be. Some of the simplest things make airport security faster. Wear slip on shoes, easier off and on.. don’t wear a belt … don’t pack liquids … no knives, guns, explosives or the like (and yes, a wooden souvenir mace counts) … laptop /I-pad go in a seperate tub for x-ray have them out and ready.. and believe it or not, a little courtesy goes a long way.

#5 – ​ Learn at Least Some of the Local Language
It doesn’t matter if you are crossing the globe..or crossing the street, you are a visitor.. a tourist.  You can eat with the locals, party with the locals, shop with the locals..but you are not a local.  Before you go, learn a few words of the local language.  The phrases – Hello, Thank you, Please – at the very least.  A a friend of mine from the US visiting me in Kyiv, Ukraine, actually complained that “they didn’t even have the common courtesy to speak English” .  All I could think, with my mouth hanging open, was  “Huh? Are you insane?”  Be considerate, learn a few phrases .. Local people mostly tolerate  mispronunciation and they always appreciate the effort.

This should probably be another point..BUT.. while you are learning some phrases in the local language, try and understand the local customs too.. Show respect and be considerate with traditions and a ways of life that you might not understand.. Remember, you are a guest..a visitor..

Here’s a helpful link for language … Busuu for I-Phone/I-Pad.   I am learning Russian but there are alot of languages available.


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Stockholm – City Hall


Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall

The Town Hall in Stockholm, Sweden is a major tourist attraction with a purpose. It serves as the building for the Municipal Council of Stockholm and is the venue for the Nobel Prize banquet..

The tower is accesible daily by elevator (or stairs for the adventurous) and tickets must be purchased for a specific time because only 30 people are allowed at a time. Tickets cost 40 SEK. The tower is open daily from 9:15 until 15:55 (Sept – May) and 17:15 (Jun – Aug)


City Hall at 12:00 AM..

                   City Hall at 12:00 AM..Yes it is still almost daylight

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Shot of the Day – Stockholm


Walking through the narrow cobblestone streets at night in Stockholm was a pretty amazing thing.. I had to wait until almost 1:30 AM for it to get dark enough to take this shot.. I didn’t realize that it stayed light that long..  It is definetly a strange thing when you have to use black-out curtains to sleep at midnight..

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Happy Travels!!

Stockholm Exhibition

Group Exhibition Stockholm

                                                Group Exhibition Stockholm

Not only involved in a group photography exhibition but it will be my first trip to Stockholm..

You can see more of my work here and here  … I apologize for the blatant self promotion, but, you know, someone has to do it…


Great News! – Shot of the Day

Nighttime Alley

This photograph will be on display at the Galleri Bellman in Stockholm, Sweden starting July 11, 2014 … It is part of a group exhibit but I am happy to say that it was chosen by jury panel to be included..  I will be there for opening night.. 1st trip to Stockholm too, so more good news.