Golden Gates and Yaroslav the Wise

As we continue our way down Volodymyr Street back toward the city center, the next stop on our morning walk is at the next intersection – Yaroslaviv Val (Yaroslav’s Moat) Street.   This is where you will find the sole remaining entrance to the ancient walled fortress-city of ancient Kyiv. Zoloti Vorota (Ukr : Золоті Ворота) literally means Golden Gates and it was one of 3 entrances into the city and the only one made of stone.  Which probably explains why it was the only one to survive.

Zoloti Vorota - Golden Gate

Zoloti Vorota – Golden Gate

The gate was constructed between 1017 – 1024 by Kyiv’s ruler,  Yaroslav the Wise. There is a monument to him in Golden Gate Square beside the ticket office to the museum.  He is seen holding St. Sophia’s Cathedral in his hands. 

Yaroslav the Wise

Yaroslav the Wise

Inside the museum, you can see a short film that details the history of the gate and the effort to protect and preserve the remaing structure. You can see the actual walls that were unearthed in the 1832.  It wasn’t until the 1982, however, that the gate was reconstructed  into its present form. The museum and square were dedicated during the 1500 year anniversary of the founding of Kyiv.  The museum is open for visitors from 10:00 AM until 6 PM  Thursday – Sunday and Tuesday, 10AM – 5PM on Wednesday, and closed on Monday. The cash desk and admissions close 30 minutes before the museum does. Admission is 15 UAH (approx $2.00 USD) for adults and 8 UAH for students and seniors.

The metro station that serves the area is also called Zoloti Vorota and is one of the prettiest in the city. Make sure you take a look!

Zoloti Vorota from the Square

Zoloti Vorota from the Square


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