Hello Paris..

Once more I have returned to Paris… a short 3 hour flight from Kiev to Charles De Galle. Passport control cleared, luggage retrieved and off the find my way to the city. Usually I take a taxi, but this time, I decided to try my luck on the train… 9.50 Euros instead of 70 always sounds good.

It was actually fairly easy to find the RER B train terminal at the airport. There were plenty of signs and you just follow the arrows. The easiest way to purchase tickets is at the automated ticket machines. They take credit cards and coins. Beware though, all credit cards don’t work. It has to have have a microchip that most cards (including mine) from the USA don’t have, so Euro-coins to the rescue.

The most difficult task I faced was getting myself and my suitcase through the turnstiles. After several silent exchanges because of near-by children, I managed to lay the bag down and push it under the 4 armed monster and onto the platform.

The RER B line runs through the center of Paris with stops at major metro exchange stations. You can get off the train and enter the metro you need with the same ticket that you bought at the airport. Make sure you take the correct route because this is a one time deal. After that..you need new tickets for the metro.

Don’t let anyone scare you about the Paris metro system.. It is massive and, seemingly, covers every square inch of Paris but it is easy to find your way if you pay attention. Signs, numbers, and letters point the way and every train has maps that show every station and everywhere that line connects to another line. Simple! Really!



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