Travel with Steve

Check out this link Travel with Steve  to follow along on trips, travels, get tips and advice.. You can also access my fine art prints for sale..schedule a portrait session, request a half day or full day walking tour of Kyiv, Ukraine (select weekends only) where you can learn about the city, it’s history, and iconic landmarks … PLUS you can learn techniques to get your camera out of the auto mode, learn composition and start taking better photographs..

While some people may consider it a nuisance, I have added a few external links to help you plan travel ( (Orbitz).. and purchase camera equipment or other gear to maximum your experience (Amazon with a search box right on the page) and (Adorama), which is one of my favorite camera stores..

So take a look around..  If you need anything, send me a message and I will be happy to get back to you and help out as much as I can..

And don’t forget to follow Photography as Art on Facebook

Come along..Let’s explore together

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