People’s Friendship Arch

Arch at Night



There was a time, before the Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine and it’s illegal annexation of Crimea, that Ukrainians and Russians considered themselves brothers..This symbolic brotherhood was celebrated by the construction of the People’s Friendship Arch in Kyiv, Ulkraine in 1982.

U42The arch is made of titanium and reaches 50 meters at it’s highest point..  Beneath it are 2 sculptures –
A bronze statue of Russian and Ukrainian workers holding up the Soviet Order of  
    Friendship of Peoples
A granite statue depicting the Pereyaslav Council of 1654

At one time, the plaza below it was full of people..especially at night when the rainbow colors lit the area. Now the square remains mostly deserted.. In these dark times for Ukraine, it stands as a reminder of what was and what could be again..

By the way, this is not a political post.. so political comments will not be approved and will be removed..

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