Some Weird Art

I never know when the urge to take one of my normal photos and turn it into something completely different will strike..

I never know what the subject will be .. or why..

The photo below is a massively edited picture of the main train station in Antwerp, Belgium


Sometimes it is just a matter of trying out a new filter…one that might give a desired effect. Usually though, presets only give me part of what I am looking for. In that case, more “tweeking” is needed in an photo editor.  The above photo was actually taken on my I-Pad and processed using Snapseed..

Then loaded into Zoner Photo Studio for finishing..  Presets rarely match my vision.. Heck, sometimes even my vision doesn’t match my “vision”

Happy Travels!!

Photography as Art   

If you are a fan of Black and White Art..check out

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