Welcome Back Steve!

Hello from Moscow, Russia… It has been a hectic several months (you noticed no posts for awhile?) while getting moved in and a new job…well, same job, just a new location 🙂

This is an amazing city… a little cold right now so I am waiting to see how long the winter here actually lasts..  People say until late April and even into May but we’ll see.. The photo below of the Kremlin wall and cathedrals was taken in August of 2015..shortly after arriving in Moscow…  More recent photos to come as we start to explore this ginormous city..

Kremlin Walls

I will be getting back into the swing of things now… posting photos and information about the city.. I, also, may be starting a new website based blog page…still working that part out.. 🙂

Next up – Saint Petersburg!

As always  – Happy Travels!

Photography as Art

Global Eye


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