Posts from France … Waiting

Here I am in Arles, where I was exhibiting photographs for the Nuit de la FreeSpace Gallery. 16 photos were hung and only 7 remain. Whether the missing ones are in someone’s flat or my outside exhibition was merely vandalized, I guess I will never know. Hopefully they are safe and sound hanging on a wall somewhere. I worry about them all alone in the city..

Since I am a complete I-Pad dweeb and cannot figure out how to upload photos to the blog without my computer, posts from France ( with photos) will have to wait until I get back to Kiev. Lesson learned … take computer and not just the I-Pad until you get it figured out.

I-Pad is awesome for instant gratificationon Facebook….feel free to add me as a friend and see photos there. :). But now I realize I should carry my computer too.. Like I said… Lesson learned.

Enjoy your week everyone!

Tetralna Square and The National Opera House

As we make our way back down Volodymyrska Street and across Shevchenko Boulevard, you will see several more buildings associated with the university. The National Academy of Science and the Ministry of Education are both on this street. But our next destination is a little farther and at the next corner.  At the next intersection, on the northeast corner is the  National Opera of Ukraine .

Ukrainian National Opera House - Front

Ukrainian National Opera House – Front

Originally it was called the Kiev City Theater but was re-named after a fire destroyed the original building in 1896. The new building, opened in 1901,  is a wonderful example of Neo-Renaissance architecture and has one of the largest stages in Europe.  If you enjoy either, opera or ballet, I would recommend it. I have seen several productions and all were very well done. You can buy tickets and see schedules at  the National Opera – Home.

Opera House and Tetralna Square

Opera House and Tetralna Square

Adjacent to the National Opera House is Tetralna Square where a statue and monument to Mykola Lysenko  (Ukrainian:  Мико́ла Віта́лійович Ли́сенко) stands. Lysenko is the author of the classic Ukrainian operas – Natalka-Poltavka, Eneida and Taras Bulba.

Mikola Lysenko

Mikola Lysenko