Hotels – Best Price Guarantee?

Best Price Guarantee?  Really?

Almost all websites claim to have the best price.. How is that possible?  Is the best price on necessarily better than the best price on Agoda? Or Expedia? Or

There is really no way to compare. This is due to a couple of factors.  First, to compare the rate, your stay  would have to be on the exact same dates, in the exact same room, with the exact same amenities. You would have to book the room at the exact same time on the exact same date.  Cancellation policies, arrival and check-in times all have to be taken into account..  and still, the prices will be different.


It’s simple..websites get different rates depending on how many visitors they drive and how many bookings get made.

Still, there are ways to get good pricing on hotel stays.. My preferred website is I always start there and check my prices.  Then off to and Agoda.. Next, I will check Expedia, Kayak, and Orbitz.

​I use those sites to pick 3 possibilities…and finally, I will go to the hotel’s website and check again.Sometimes, you will find that a hotel will offer a special deal not found on one of the travel sites..

A little patience and a little research will go a long way to helping you find the best price for your stay..

​I have added a few links to get you started…If you need help planning or want me to do a little research for you.. send me a message..  I will be happy to help

Now ..get out and explore!

Happy Travels!

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