Shot of the Day – Paris (The Wall for Peace)


The Wall for Peace — 54 feet long, 45 feet wide and 30 feet high — is bisected by a walkway that offers a perfect perspective that has attracted  tourists since 2000, when it was built for the city’s millennium celebration. It was orginally supposed to be a 3 month installation that has been standing for almost 14 years.

The word “peace” is inscribed in 32 languages and 12 alphabets on the glass and 20-foot-tall metal columns standing sentries on either side.

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Kyiv – Shot of the Day

House of the Weeping Widow 2

The House of the Weeping Widow.. Lyteranska Street at the intersection with Bankova.. The drains from the peak of the roof run through the eyes and when it rains, the face cries.. A well known building in Kyiv, it is owned by the government and occasionally used as housing for visiting foreign dignitaries..