My Favorite Doors – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Time again for my favorite doors…different city of course, but same general theme


This red door and brick wall combination might be my favorite of all time.. but there was quite the variety in Amsterdam..

Wonderful Red De Brakke Grond Brick 6

Some of these were good enough to make it to the Fine Art America website…where you can find copies of your favorites too..Just in time for the holiday season..

Red Letter and Bike Painting 3 B's

Classical, metal, wooden and covered with graffiti and stickers..  Variety abounds

29 Narrow Blue Big City Bad Boys 1 Red Light Stickers in Arch


Happy Travels!!

Photography as Art

Shot(s) of the Day – Windows

Contrast in French - Marseille

                                            Contrast in French – Marseille

One of my favorite things to shoot are windows.. contrasting colors, shutters, shapes and sizes, all make for wonderful compositions. I try to shoot in groups of three (or more) but sometimes, even a single windows can stand out..

Flowers on the Ledge

                                             Flowers on the Ledge

Produce - Ivano-Frankovsk

                                      Produce – Ivano-Frankovsk

Get out and explore .. I know that every city has it’s iconic landmarks that are a “must see” ..but every once in a while, you have to wander the side streets..the back alleys..You never know what is waiting around the next corner..



And it’s not always just a unique photo you may find.. One of the best cups of tea I had in Istanbul was in a little cafe, we found in an alley in the Galata district after getting lost.. It didn’t even have a name.. just one table against the wall with an ashtray and free wifi.. and an almost perfect cup of tea.. The elderly gentleman that brought the tea (for a mere 1 Lira) sat and talked while we sipped our tea.. Since I don’t speak any Turkish,  I have no idea what he was saying, but his friendliness and smile made me feel like we were old friends..  It was quite a treat, and not really uncommon..  respect, courtesy and a smile go along way when visiting a foreign country..

Take a chance.. pitch the “tourist map” for a day or 2 and just explore..

Happy Travels!

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