Travel with Steve is Back!

Just wanted to let everyone know, my website is back up and, hopefully, operational.. Complete with photos and stories about my travels.. links to help you travel.. I even have a link to Amazon (I know you all use Amazon for shopping) on there bookmark, use it often.. there is more content coming and will include photography tips.. great day trip ideas and the like..

Do me a favor.. like , share, comment.. and all the social media stuff.. and while you’re there, feel free to send a message … 🙂

It’s not the destination.. It’s the journey that counts..

Happy and Safe Travels


Just a quick post… A few folks have asked if I have a website where images and prints are available..  maybe as a gift.. maybe for themselves. I actually have no idea BUT … yes I do..


I am still working on it and, probably, always will be… but it is up and running so feel free to take a look.. If you like what you and share.

Now back to the journey..

Be happy and always have safe travels