Getting Lost in Prague

I am headed to Prague in the Czech Republic. It is only short adventure of 4 days which limits luggage to a carry-on, camera bag and tripod. I have heard about the extraordinary beauty of this city and am excited that I will experience first hand.

Boryspil airport is the starting point, as it has been for most of the trips into Europe. Security and passport control cleared… boarding pass in hand and off to the plane. It is a little strange riding a bus across the tarmac instead of walking from the terminal into the plane. but that’s the way it’s done here, so, as the saying goes, “When in Rome…”

Prague is 2 hours and 10 minutes in the air from Kiev. Enough time to relax, have a nice lunch and look into the exploration of a new city. I usually have a plan and can do my “lightning tour” in 3 days.  Hop-on / Hop-off buses are one of the great ways to take in all the touristy places…the must see stops in a new city.  Of course, they don’t allow you to mix and mingle with locals in the little hidden gems that are often overlooked.

The second and third days and nights are spent wandering, exploring and photographing – Alleyways, side streets and other places off the beaten path in a search for the perfect panoramic city view or nighttime shot. Unusual buildings, windows and doors (my personal favs), and other shots to join my growing Weird Art and Travel Photos collections are mostly found during this time.

There is an excitement in exploration.. in getting lost in a new place… I’m excited so come…

Let’s get lost in Prague.

Travel with Steve

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