Krakow – Wawel Hill

Wawel Castle and Cathedral

Wawel Castle and Cathedral

It was a nice leisurely stroll through town from the hotel to the base of Wawel Hill.. The hill still has remnants of the old castle walls, covered in ivy. 

Entrance to Castle grounds

Entrance to castle grounds

Through the arch , the path winds around to the gates across a wide avenue that affords some scenic views of the river and city below..

Overlooking the River

Overlooking the River


Wawel Hill is in Krakow, which was, at one time, the capital of Poland .Wawel Cathedral and Wawel Castle stand on Wawel Hill. Wawel Castle was built during the reign of Casimir III the Great during the mid 1300’s.  It occupies the top of a limestone hill overlooking the Vistula River. It has been rebuilt and added to several times in it’s history.

At the base of Wawel Hill is the cave that, as legend tells, served as the den of the Wawel Dragon.


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