Shot of the Day – Out and About in Kiev

Arch at Night

                                                      Arch at Night

The plaza around the “Friendship Arch” is not near as crowded these days.. due in part to what has been happening around the country for the past few months…Still, at night..lit up in rainbow colors, it is a pretty sight.

Andrew's Descent

                                                       Andrew’s Descent

With St. Andrew’s standing guard at the top of the hill, Andrew’s Descent winds down to the Podil district. The narrow cobblestone street is home to a host of vendors selling everything from paintings to antique uniforms..and every souvenir in between..

House of the Weeping Wi

                                 House of the Weeping Widow

Drains flowing into the eyes of face mounted at the top of the building, lets water drain down her face…hence the name.. When it rains..she weeps

Parliment Building

                                                    Parliment Building

The Parliment Building of Ukraine


                                     Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

It never ceases to amaze me. the things you can find just walking around your home town.. Try it.. explore your city.. Let me know what you find..

Happy Travels!!

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