BK3 – Abandonded Brickyard

About 25 km northwest of Kiev, you will find the  village of Irpin, Ukraine and for the adventurous, and those willing to hike a bit, you can make your way to an abandoned brick works in the center of town..

Brickyard Drive

It is surrounded by a fence, of course, but there are ways in.. one way is through the glass recycle yard..

Liquor Recycle

Mounds of broken glass, which appeared to be mostly liquor and medical bottles fill an abandoned bridge, where they are separated, ground up and shipped off to places unknown.


BottlesThe brick works is full of interesting buildings, that are remarkably free of trash..

Warehouse (Partial BW) Ventilator Building 2nd Floor Plant 1 (Partial BW)


Possibly because the 2 existing businesses occupying the territory, the glass recycling and a working cement plant, don’t like or encourage “visitors”. Still with no visible “No Entry” signs, we decided to take our chances..

Warning Window Iron Plant 2 Old Russian Mosaic Brickyard Storage 1 Brickyard Ventilator Building


As always, when visiting abandoned places, it is important to remember the Golden Rule –


Brick Tunnel 2 Brick Tunnel 1 BW Abandonded Office (Partial BW) Storage 2 (2)


Travel with Steve                        Photography as Art

Happy Travels!



Train Graveyard – Ploeisti, Romania

Usually, while just out exploring a city, you come across some amazing sights and places.. One of these I recently encountered was behind the Ploeisti Train station..

Abandoned Trains

It seems, unlike other cities, they just store all the old railcars on discarded tracks adjacent to the platforms..

Graffiti on Old Train

Of course the cars are all locked, believe me, we searched… but unfortunately there was no way in.

Train Graveyard in Ploiesti

Still, the area was fun to explore and shoot..  It was the cap of a great day!

Tracks Platform Reconstruction Ploiesti Train Station Train Station-Mechanic YardWM Old Train Station

Travel with Steve            Photography as Art