Train Graveyard – Ploeisti, Romania

Usually, while just out exploring a city, you come across some amazing sights and places.. One of these I recently encountered was behind the Ploeisti Train station..

Abandoned Trains

It seems, unlike other cities, they just store all the old railcars on discarded tracks adjacent to the platforms..

Graffiti on Old Train

Of course the cars are all locked, believe me, we searched… but unfortunately there was no way in.

Train Graveyard in Ploiesti

Still, the area was fun to explore and shoot..  It was the cap of a great day!

Tracks Platform Reconstruction Ploiesti Train Station Train Station-Mechanic YardWM Old Train Station

Travel with Steve            Photography as Art


Catedrala Sfantul loan Botezatorul – Ploeisti

Standing at the round-about formed by the intersections of Bulevardul Republicii ,Strada Carpati, and Strada Vasile Lupu is The “Catedrala Sfantul loan Botezatorul” dedicated to St. John “The Baptist”.


Although it was built recently, between the years 1923 and 1937, it is an impressive building with a central tower that reaches 60 meters in height.


It is easily reached, being in the center of town, by walking along any of the wide pedestrian paths, by bus or tram..

Travel with Steve                      Photography as Art