Memorial Park, Kiev Ukraine

The Memorial Park of the Great Patriotic War

Memorial WWII (7)

Over the next couple of months, I will be re-visiting some of the familiar sites in Kiev, Ukraine..  My time here is almost done.

I have one more major trip planned and then my effort gets diverted into getting the paperwork in place, signed and approved for the next assignment… Hopefully Moscow in July..

DSC_0049 (4)


Happy Travels!

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Memorial Park – Chisinau


The Victory Memorial and Eternal Flame Park is about a 20 minute walk from downtown…and well worth it..

WWII Memorial-Chisinau (2)


DSC_0298 DSC_0299

It’s a beautiful and spacious park built in memory of those fallen during WWII..


The center monument represents 5 rifles and encloses an :Eternal Flame” guarded by an honor guard..

DSC_0127 (2)


Relief sculptures ring the grounds



Adjacent is the  Memorial Cemetery..

DSC_0301 DSC_0304 DSC_0302


A truly “must see” in any trip to Chisinau…

Happy Travels!

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Feofaniya Park – Kyiv

Autumn is here.. given color by the changing leaves.. and one of the prettiest places to see these in Kyiv, Ukraine is Feofaniya Park..

Park - Feofania


Located in the suburbs of the southern part of the city and easily reached by marshutka..

Entrance - Feofania



Brick pathways wind through this 1.5 sq km park

Park Path 2 Park Path 2 Park Path 3 Park Path 4


A couple small lakes with a gazebo sit waiting

Lake Gazebo 2


And St. Pantelemion’s Cathedral stands watch over all

Monastery and Lake 2 Park Path with Monastery


A great place to unwind from the hectic days in the city.. or just sit back and look at the wonderful show delivered by the coming of autumn..

Happy Travels!


Yanukovich’s Palace – A Monument to Avarice

On Saturday, we took the 30 minute drive up to Mezhyhirya, where the ousted president of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich, had built and maintained an opulent manor.

Main House

                                               Main House

The estate is over 350 acres and situated on the banks of the Kiev Reservoir, also known as the Kiev Sea.

Shoreline of the Kiev Sea

                                           Shoreline of the Kiev Sea

The immense park-like grounds are entirely surrounded by a fence and criss-crossed with brick inlayed paths..


           Brick Path

                                                           Brick Paths

The grounds around the main house, yes, there are several houses for guests on the property, were immaculately manicured

Main House 2

and filled with ponds, fountains

DSC_9344 DSC_9343 DSC_9366

and statuary.


There is a golf course, which we saw..


and a zoo..which we didn’t..

The buildings had been sealed so we weren’t allowed inside, unfortunately..




We did look through the windows of the Galleon, a restaurant shaped like a, well,

DSC_9388 DSC_9391

a galleon..

The gazebos which dotted the countryside are fitted with chandeliers



I am not Ukrainian, but I live and work in Kiev, and  looking at this place made me angry.. and sad.. A monument to corruption, greed and avarice built with contempt for the Ukrainian people.

DSC_9335_panorama DSC_9322 DSC_4181 DSC_9373

I think some visitors felt the same as I..


Entry fee ( the signs call it a donation but it is an entry FEE ) is 20 uah.. there are bikes for rent, which I recommend because the area covers 7 km on paths. If you want to see what corruption can, and often does, build and you can overlook the fact that a common slug


                                      My Opinion of Yanukovich

(umm thug) from Eastern Ukraine stole billions of dollars to build it.. it’s worth the trip from Kiev..

According to the security people, they may re-open the buildings once a complete inventory is finished..

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Happy Travels!!


Shot of the Day – Bald Mountain (Kiev, Ukraine)

Bald Mountain

                                                Bald Mountain Meadow

Lysa Hora (Ukrainian: Лиса Гора; Russian: Лысая гора ), commonly called Bald Mountain is a wild forest area located in the southeast corner of Kyiv, Ukraine..

In early mythology, like so many other “Bald Mountains”, it was a gathering place of witches..

In the late 1800’s the Russian army built a small fortress here, that would,later, be used for executions of convicted political prisoners. Other than several culverts, cut through the earthen walls, and underground water tanks, nothing remains. It is now part of a nature reserve and part of the Kiev Fortress museum.

Sunset on Bald Mountain

                                             Sunset on Bald Mountain

It is a wonderfully quiet and pretty place to escape the noise of the city.. easily reached by marshutka or metro and is just a short walk from Vasylkivska station.

Kyiv From Bald Mountain

                                    Kyiv Skyline from Bald Mountain

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Shot of the Day – Reflections in a Dark Pool

Reflections of a Dark Pool

It is amazing some of the things you can find to shoot.. surreal and beautiful at night. This was a little park, I don’t know the name, in Barcelona. I was actually lost (or temporarily misplaced) and trying to get back to the hotel around midnight..Path looked familiar so I followed it to this scene.. and I am glad I did; Proof that there is a lot more to find than just landmarks and icons. Everywhere you may go, there are little gems hidden waiting to be discovered..  Search them out.. just happen upon them … get lost like I did.. and be ready.. You never know what is around the next corner

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Happy Travels !


Shot of the Day – Kyiv, Feofaniya Park

Feofaniya Park

Following up yesterday’s post of St. Panteleimon’s Cathedral (Nunnery) , I thought a word or two about Feofaniya Park would be appropriate.  This rolling hills park with it’s wide bricked paths and multiple ponds reminded me of my home city parks in Denver, Colorado. While most parks in Kyiv seemed to be mainly uncontrolled forests with paths, Feofaniya is sculptured, trimmed and a botanical beauty, filled with flowers, trees and shrubs. In my mind, it is surpassed only by the M.M. Gryshko National Botanical Gardens.

It is definetly worth the metro ride to the Ipodrom stop and short (#768)  Marshutka ride. Entrance is free to the park and transportation will set you back an even 5 uah (less than $1.00 USD)

Feofaniya Park Gazebo

Park Brick Paths

St. Panteleimon's Cathedral standing guard

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