Shot of the Day – Buda Castle (Budapest)

Buda Castle Courtyard

Buda Castle sits at the southern tip of Castle Hill and begins what is commonly called the Castle District.. It looks down on the Chain Bridge and some of the best views of Budapest are from the paths that surround it.  It can be reached by walking one of the beautiful paths up the hill.. or the Castle Hill Funicular.. Either way, it is well worth the time to explore..

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Shot of the Day – Ferry to Asia (Istanbul)


The Asia Side of Istanbul is a thriving business district reached most easily by ferry. There is a metro line, as well, that can be faster but the ferry is more enjoyable, less crowded and the skyline views as you cross the Bosporus can be amazing…

The Asian side is mostly a commercial district, but the Bosporus coast does have mansions, a large open air market and a historical district. It’s well worth a look ..

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Shot of the Day – Krakow, Poland


Main  Square

                                     Town Hall Tower – Main Square, Krakow

Standing 70 meters tall, the stone and brick Town Hall Tower stands guard over the Cloth Hall in Krakow’s Main Market Square.  The tower is all that remains of Krakow’s Town Hall, which was demolished in 1820 to “open up” the square.  The observation deck at the top is open to visitors. I was told it offers awesome views of the city..Unfortunately, it was closed while I was there..

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Shot of the Day – Kyiv, Ukraine

Old Stone BW

There are all kinds of things to shoot in the world.. Landmarks, landscapes, people, events.. But what makes me happiest, is just walking around looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary..

This building is in Kyiv, Ukraine.. not far from the Dnipro River.. Just an old brick building.. But just looking at it made me wonder. What went on behind those walls? What could this building tell us? How much of history has passed by these windows? And I am still curious …

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Shot of the Day – House with Chimeras (Kyiv, Ukraine)

House of Chimera

Situated on Bankova Street, directly across from the Presidential Administration Building, is one of the most recognizable of Kyiv’s landmark buildings..The House with Chimeras.  It was designed and built in 1901-1902 by the architect Vladislav Gorodetsky.

He orginally intended to use the building as “upscale” apartments but financial problems caused him to lose the property as collateral on a defaulted loan.

Today, it is used as an official government building for meeting with official state visitors.

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Shot of the Day – Reflections in a Dark Pool

Reflections of a Dark Pool

It is amazing some of the things you can find to shoot.. surreal and beautiful at night. This was a little park, I don’t know the name, in Barcelona. I was actually lost (or temporarily misplaced) and trying to get back to the hotel around midnight..Path looked familiar so I followed it to this scene.. and I am glad I did; Proof that there is a lot more to find than just landmarks and icons. Everywhere you may go, there are little gems hidden waiting to be discovered..  Search them out.. just happen upon them … get lost like I did.. and be ready.. You never know what is around the next corner

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Hotels – Best Price Guarantee?

Best Price Guarantee?  Really?

Almost all websites claim to have the best price.. How is that possible?  Is the best price on necessarily better than the best price on Agoda? Or Expedia? Or

There is really no way to compare. This is due to a couple of factors.  First, to compare the rate, your stay  would have to be on the exact same dates, in the exact same room, with the exact same amenities. You would have to book the room at the exact same time on the exact same date.  Cancellation policies, arrival and check-in times all have to be taken into account..  and still, the prices will be different.


It’s simple..websites get different rates depending on how many visitors they drive and how many bookings get made.

Still, there are ways to get good pricing on hotel stays.. My preferred website is I always start there and check my prices.  Then off to and Agoda.. Next, I will check Expedia, Kayak, and Orbitz.

​I use those sites to pick 3 possibilities…and finally, I will go to the hotel’s website and check again.Sometimes, you will find that a hotel will offer a special deal not found on one of the travel sites..

A little patience and a little research will go a long way to helping you find the best price for your stay..

​I have added a few links to get you started…If you need help planning or want me to do a little research for you.. send me a message..  I will be happy to help

Now ..get out and explore!

Happy Travels!

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WawelMaidan Overlookcropped-vatican-from-river.jpg



Shot of the Day – St Mary’s Church, Krakow



St.Mary's Cathedral

                                                        St.Mary’s Cathedral

Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven , also known as St. Mary’s Church, is a prominent feature of the Old Town Square in Krakow, Poland. It sits opposite the Cloth hall and stands about 80 meters tall.

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Shot of the Day – Kyiv, Feofaniya Park

Feofaniya Park

Following up yesterday’s post of St. Panteleimon’s Cathedral (Nunnery) , I thought a word or two about Feofaniya Park would be appropriate.  This rolling hills park with it’s wide bricked paths and multiple ponds reminded me of my home city parks in Denver, Colorado. While most parks in Kyiv seemed to be mainly uncontrolled forests with paths, Feofaniya is sculptured, trimmed and a botanical beauty, filled with flowers, trees and shrubs. In my mind, it is surpassed only by the M.M. Gryshko National Botanical Gardens.

It is definetly worth the metro ride to the Ipodrom stop and short (#768)  Marshutka ride. Entrance is free to the park and transportation will set you back an even 5 uah (less than $1.00 USD)

Feofaniya Park Gazebo

Park Brick Paths

St. Panteleimon's Cathedral standing guard

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Shot of the Day – St. Panteleimon’s Cathedral (Kyiv)

St. Pantheleimon Nunnery

St. Pantheleimon Nunnery is a wonderful Eastern Orthodox  cathedral located neighbourhood of Theophania. It is considered a high point in Russian Revival ecclesiastical architecture. It can be most easily reached by taking the Blue metro line to the Ipodrom stop and marshrutka #768 to the end of it’s run.. Then a short walk down hill to the park entrance.. Total cost – 5 uah for transportation …  park entrance is free.



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