Kyiv – Shot of the Day

House of the Weeping Widow 2

The House of the Weeping Widow.. Lyteranska Street at the intersection with Bankova.. The drains from the peak of the roof run through the eyes and when it rains, the face cries.. A well known building in Kyiv, it is owned by the government and occasionally used as housing for visiting foreign dignitaries..


Paris – Shot of the Day

Sidewalk Cafe

Ok..this little set of tables is in Paris.. but it could be anywhere because I absolutely love to find the little out-of-the-way cafes for cappucino..  It does not matter what city you find yourself in..  Take time to find the hidden gems.. Most often, that is where the best memories are made..

Happy Travels

Prague – Shot of the Day

City View

                                            City View – Prague

299 steps to the top of the Petrin View Tower, and you are rewarded with magnificient views of Prague below.  The tower is a 60 meter high replica of the Eiffel Tower located at the top of Petrin Hill.  It can be reached by funicular or, better yet, a leisurely walk through the beautiful park.

Marseille – Shot of the Day

Harbor in Marseille with Notre Dame

Notre Dame de la Garde sits atop the highest point in the city and, silently, stands guard over the harbor. The easiest, and fastest, way to get up there is by one of the many buses.. but if you decide to walk, it is a long way uphill..  worth it? Definetly..

But prepare yourself and take plenty of water  🙂

Great News! – Shot of the Day

Nighttime Alley

This photograph will be on display at the Galleri Bellman in Stockholm, Sweden starting July 11, 2014 … It is part of a group exhibit but I am happy to say that it was chosen by jury panel to be included..  I will be there for opening night.. 1st trip to Stockholm too, so more good news.

Kyiv – Shot(s) of the Day

Apt 1 Mosaic Apt 2 Mosaic Apt 3 Mosaic Apt 4 Mosaic Apt 5 Mosaic Apt 6Mosaic Metro Mosaic Street Mosaics

Ok.. more than A shot.. but I was walking around Kyiv the other and and noticed 6 apartment buildings with these wonderful mosaics on the end facing the street..  I realized that mosaics like this are actually all over town. You can find them most prominently on apartment buildings, but also, in the metro stations, grocery stores, schools.. everywhere..  It’s awesome !

Kyiv – Photo of the Day

Maidan Overlook

The Maidan (Independence Square) in Kyiv, during happier and much cleaner times.. last summer taken from the hill on Institutska Street. It offers a very nice panoramic view of the city below.  The golden domed building in the center is the bell tower at St. Sophia’s Monastery.

Budapest – Shot of the Day


Buda Castle and Chain Bridge ...

                                       Buda Castle and Chain Bridge …

Budapest is wonderful at night… The Chain Bridge and Buda Castle dominate the skyline from the river. This area, close to the Shoe Memorial is easily accesible by foot, tram, or bus from the town center.


Sedlec Ossuary and Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

_DSC6283About an hour from Prague is the village of Kutna Hora  – Home to the Sedlec Ossuary, also known as the Church of Bones.   The Sedlec Ossuary is a small chapel located below the Cemetry Church of All Saints in Sedlec. It is estimated to contain the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people.  Many of these have had the bones arranged to form decorations and furnishings for the chapel, including the Swarzenberg Coat of Arms and the signature of Rint. There is also a large chandelier in the center of the room that contains , at least one of, every bone in the human body.


_DSC6296The Ossuary is open every day except Christmas Day and the entrance fee is nominal..only 90 Czk for adults and 60 czk for students. 

The easiest way to get to Kutna Hora is by train from Prague. Trains leave the main train station in Prague about every 2 hours and takes about an hour to get to the main station in Kutna Hora. You can transfer there to the local train that takes you to Sedlec stop.  

You can stop by the UNESCO listed Cathedral of our Lady as you walk through town to the Ossuary..  Granted, the tour of the Ossuary doesn’t really take that long, but luckily, Kutna Hora is only a short walk or bus ride from the suburb..

In Kutna Hora you can visit a myriad of churches and cathedrals, including the Cathedral of St. Barbara, walk through the colorful streets of the center of the village, stop for lunch or cappucino at a local eatery, or just enjoy the sights of this beautiful gem of a city.

10 Must See Sights in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

    ​1. Cathedral of St. Barbara

    2. Jesuit College

    3. Church of Our Lady Na Nameti

​    4. Cisterncian Monastary with the Cathedral of Assumption of Our 

        Lady (In Sedlec )

    5. Cemetary Chapel with Ossuary (Sedlec Ossuary)

    6. Knight’s House

​    7. Church of St. John of Nepomuk

    8. Stone Fountain

​    9. Italian Court

​  10. St. Jame’s Church

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